4PL Logistics BD Ltd. is at Dhaka, Bangladesh based private limited company stepped-in logistics business to provide services in international freight forwarding and third party logistics support in vast fields of Global Supply Chain.

4PL Logistics BD Ltd. is a services company focused on international trade planning, direction and control of transportation activities and advice on import and export procedures. We offer global logistic services ranging from freight forwarding such as sea freight of standard containers, bulk containers, air freight, charter vessel/flight service for bulk volume, sea-air for faster transportation , triangle shipments  for  dangerous , chemical  and heavyweight goods  also inland transportation, warehousing / Inventory Management, cross-docking, door to door service, etc. for exporting / importing cargos and link domestic services to provide customers one-stop logistics services. 

Our services go beyond our customer needs, we offer additional services such as packing, crating, insurance policies, inspections and customs brokerage service by filling out our portfolio to deliver solutions and become an ally of value for our customers.

We have several domestic branches nationwide as well as a head office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Therefore, one of our branches will assign customer service upon their request. Branches will offer reliable service and competitive rates while integrating service to ensure goods move in a more efficient manner. Our experienced workforce includes freight specialists that evaluate customers' requirements and use their expertise to ensure that cargo arrives safely and promptly as required, while maintaining tolerable costs. 

We have excellent business relation with the major Shipping & Air Lines in addition to the leading international Companies.

How we work. 4PL Logistics BD Ltd. aims to add value to customer’s supply chain by applying a good optimization of the   resources, planning, direction and control of each logistic activity providing safety and security to their products.  Competitiveness, cost pressures, inflation and market volatility triggers supply chain planning and execution extremely challenging, where companies increasingly look for 4PLs to gain better control of their inbound and outbound supply chains, increase visibility, enhance inventory management and manage product life cycles.

We trust that we have the capability to be a logistics partner & can provide “the optimized total logistics solution” to the corporate clients. That will allow corporate clients enhanced profitability, global competitive power, added value, and efficiency through focusing on their core ability. In addition, clients could integrate and organize details on the existing Supply Chain and reduce cost by experiencing best Global Supply Chain. 

Our winning equation “security + control + flexibility = your peace of mind” come up with a list of services to offer, like:

  • Develop a plan that is tailored to suit your company’s needs
  • Implement customized program
  • Acquire the appropriate import and export documentation from third parties
  • Saving money and  increased profits
  • Save time by avoiding delays at ports
The Consulting Areas
  • SCM Strategy Development / Implementation
  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Supplying Information: Stock management system, Quality inspection system, Warehouse   Management system (WMS)
  • International trade planning, direction
  • Advice on import and export procedures
  • Sea / Air Forwarding- Customs Clearance / Stevedoring
  • Transportation / Delivery Management
  • Routing Optimization
  • Order Management
  • Return Management
  • Performance Measurement System
  • Billing / Documentation